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Regulatory, Multi-State Strategy and litigation & 
State Attorneys General Practice

Hogan Law Associates LLC is a premier law firm with locations in Washington, DC and Providence, Rhode Island.


The Firm specializes in providing a full range of regulatory compliance and advisory services to privately held and publicly traded companies in both the federal, state, and municipal arenas, including representation before the attorneys general of the 50 states, the District of Columbia, and the U.S Territories, and before governors and state legislative leaders of the largest munipalities and of the 50 states on an array of complex commercial and multi-state matters, and representation of clients in connection with multi-state litigation, strategy and settlement negotiations, national procurement contracts, and administrative and municipal matters.


The Firm also partners with large national law firms and consulting organizations – providing early case assessment strategy and providing consulting services to such firms as support in full-scale multi-state litigation, arbitrations, and federal regulatory matters.


In its representation of clients before the state attorneys general, the Firm represents the interests of Fortune 200 and 500 clients before the state attorneys general in matters of national significance with specific state impact, including structured settlement strategy and negotiations involving complex multi-state litigation and arbitration matters involving a number of highly regulated industries. The Firm also regularly appears before the four state attorneys general associations, including the National Association of Attorneys General, the Conference of Western Attorneys General Association, the Republican Attorneys General Association, and the Democratic Attorneys General Association. The Firm also regularly appears before federal and state-focused agencies and organizations with a focus and mission on complex state-focused issues and matters often impacting the role and involvement of state attorneys general.


In support of the Firm’s municipal and state attorneys general practice, the Firm also appears before the largest municipalities and the states and provides consulting services in connection with appearances before other high-level executive officers of the each of the states, the District of Columbia, and the U.S. Territories, including governors and state legislative leaders, including state house speakers and senate presidents, as well as state treasurers, state finance directors, mayors and general counsel to mayors.  The Firm regularly appears before the three governors associations, including the National Governors Association, the Democratic Governors Association, and the Republican Governors Association.  



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